Project Reality…Soon?

Project Reality Coming SoonEveryone has been wondering about Nintendo’s powerhouse Project Reality; if and when it will come out. Our Head Ed decided to go straight to the horse’s mouth and get the news directly from Nintendo.

According to Nintendo. several titles are already in the works. And although development systems have yet to go out to licensees, Project Reality is based upon a Cl architecture, to allow programmers to hop right into production.

And one big question is whether or not there will be a CD-ROM. Unexpectedly, Nintendo officials have stated that Project Reality will be a $250 cartridge~only medium, but there will be an expansion port in the system which will allow PR to connect to a future CD-ROM machine when CD-ROM technology is a viable medium. Nintendo wants to create virtual worlds for the player rather than limit themselves with footage from recorded video, which is what current CD-ROM games are limited to.

Nintendo feels that such a restriction would not be cost effective for the consumer or themselves. Whats the point of a CD system if you can’t deliver the type of games you’d like to?

The price is also on everyone’s mind. Nintendo expects the price to be kept low, because of the efficient chip configurations, and the fact that there is no need for a thousand dollar drive system or other things needed for use of the industrial SGI machines.

Nintendo feels that sound is a key part of the gaming experience. While Project Reality only has stereo sound. expansion ports leave doors open to features like Dolby Surround, SR5. and other 3-D sound systems.

The arcade format of Project Reality will come out this year. and a refined home version will appear next year. Nintendo is serious about this one.

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