GamingMagz Has Switched From BlueHost To HostGator

GamingMagz has switched hosting companies as of last night. I was with BlueHost for the past year or two. Unfortunately their servers feel sluggish, and I recently noticed that they were “throttling” my websites. None of my websites are resource intensive, nor do any of them receive a great deal of traffic. Each website I run gets somewhere around 150-200 visitors per day. Now on a “shared” hosting plan this should be absolutely fine. In the past I have had websites that have had 14,000 visitors in a day, when mentioned on Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon. So since my account with Blue Host was due to expire in 33 days, I decided to switch hosts.


I simply can not trust Blue Host to be my provider if they are going to slow my site down with such little traffic. Yesterday I ran a reverse IP check on the IP from BlueHost and it returned 999+ websites being hosted on the same server as GamingMagz. Today after moving my websites, I reran that same test. Now on HostGator, a reverse IP check shows only 25 other websites on the same server as this site! This leads me to believe that BlueHost is overloading their servers and punishing their customers if they receive any traffic at all.

Web hosting can be compared to a gym membership. They hope you sign up, pay your monthly fee, and don’t use the service. They would love nothing more than to fill their servers with knitting blogs that 79 year old grandmothers log into once every 6 months. But if you are serious about your website(s), you need a hosting company that is going to play fair. Any shared hosting account out there that is worth its salt, should be able to support your website up to 5000-15,000 unique visitors a month. Once you start getting upwards of that, its probably time to move onto a dedicated server. But all my websites combined were pulling less than 2,000 – 3,000 visitors a month. That may sound like a lot, but it breaks down to 4 unique visitors per hour! If BlueHost could not support my website(s) with that amount of traffic, I could not fathom what would happen if I got mentioned by a big site like Kotaku or 1Up!

In the end, small websites such as my own rely on our hosting company. Site owners such as myself strive each day to publicize articles and have them go viral. The more times we can get our site mentioned out there, the better chances we have of pulling in new readers. However, If a hosting company is going to purposely slow a website down, we will never get off the ground.

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PS – I used the following coupon code when signing up with HostGator (Retailmenot80), which knocked 25% off the final price for the year.



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