How To Subscribe to Retro Gamer Magazine for $6.09 an issue!

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You love Retro Gamer magazine, but can’t get around its $10 an issue price tag? Well I may have a way to lower that per issue price to $6.09, and the best part is it will be delivered to your mailbox! Now every few weeks I try to remind myself to stop by my local Barnes and Noble bookstore to grab a copy of Retro Gamer magazine. They sell them at the list price of $9.99 plus 5% sales tax. In addition to the $10.48 I am spending on my monthly copies of Retro Gamer, I am also losing 45 minutes of my Saturday to drive up, browse around, and drive home. With gas at $3.79 a gallon, the 18 mile round trip to get the magazine every few weeks is also costing me money. So if I break it down….

$10.48 – Per Issue w/ tax
$2.34 – Gasoline
$18.75 – Time


$31.57  – Total Cost Per Issue


So as you can see from the above calculations, each time I purchase an issue of Retro Gamer it costs me around $31.57. So I started to look for a better way to get my monthly dose of nostalgia. My first stop was the Retro Gamer website to see what the current rates were. Their website read “13 issues for £80.00 by credit card”, well what does that come out to in US dollars? A quick Google search and 80 pounds is roughly $126.74! Now that is the price for 13 issues, so each individual issue works out to $9.74. Now that is a fair price and slightly under what I am paying at my local bookstore. It also saves me time and gas because it will be delivered. One other nice thing, is sometimes I make the trip to the bookstore and they are sold out or last months issue is still up. Since no one at Barnes and Noble seems to know when these magazines come in, I just have to make the trip every two weeks and hope that I can buy that months issue. But I still feel as though I can do better on the price, so my next step is! Now  usually I can find good deals on magazine subscriptions from Amazon, so what do they have it priced at? Well to my surprise, Amazon has Retro Gamer at $10.66 an issue through their website. So Amazon is out of the question as an option for subscribing to Retro Gamer.

So for the past few months, I have been hoping and waiting to see if I could find a cheaper option for subscribing. Then last night I went back to the Retro Gamer website to get a price check and noticed a small “Promo” box at the bottom of the screen. So I searched the internet high and low for any Promo codes that could lower my total cost. I found a forum discussion from February 2010 on GiantBomb and they were talking about this Retro Gamer promo code “CLASSIC”. Now this thread being a year old, surely the code had to have expired right?

So I go to the Retro Gamer subscription page, select the magazine and plug in “CLASSIC” as my code, I hit enter and the price lowered down to “13 issues for £50.00 by credit card” Back to Google to get the conversion from pounds to dollars, and Google reveals that 50 pounds is equal to $79.21 in US dollars! So that brings each issue down to $6.09 plus it saves me time, gas and frustration! This is the best price I could find for this magazine at this time, if you happen to find a different promo code that brings it down even lower…..please mention it in the comment section below!

Hopefully this helps people get the best deal, on this fantastic magazine!

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