Over 100 Video Game Advertisements Now Available To Browse!

Number 100GamingMagz has hit a milestone today, we are now home to over 100 video game advertisements. As of right now most of the advertisements are from the early to late 1990’s, but be assured that I am in the process of bringing gaming advertisements from the 70’s all the way up to the early 200o’s. Classic advertisements from the early Atari consoles should start appearing within the next few days. Please note that each of our advertisements is scanned and edited by us, and never ripped from other websites without their approval. As of right now each advertisement is accompanied by a short description of said game. We will be filling out these advertisement pages with much more information as we acquire it.  As you view these advertisements, please take of the sharing icons to the right of each ad. We encourage you to share these ad’s on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Reddit.

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