3 For 3DO Enthusiasts

3 For 3DO Enthusiasts is a bimonthly magazine devoted exclusively to the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer console. It was produced by PiM Publications, which is better known for long-running Amiga magazine Amazing Computing. (Don Hicks edited both of them.)


It was launched during the summer of 1994 with a special 14-page preliminary issue sent for free to members of 3DO’s mailing list. The magazine didn’t debut on newsstands until the November/December 1994 issue, which featured a full software guide and a promise from Hicks that the mag would soon become monthly in the wake of the CD-ROM revolution.

Unfortunately, the 3DO’s fortunes soon turned dour as the PlayStation and Saturn debuted in the U.S. and the fate of the M2 became unclear. 3 ran regularly for all of 1995, then folded without comment in the beginning of 1996, as 3DO officially dropped console support and the system was cleared out of retail stores.