Duo World

Duo World (also spelled DuoWorld in later issues) is a magazine devoted exclusively to NEC’s TurboGrafx-16 and TurboDuo consoles and games. It was a sort of second incarnation of TurboPlay (also from the same publisher), but failed to last long as the TurboDuo was already a distant memory to most gamers by 1993.


Duo World was published under largely the same arrangement as TurboPlay was — a 32-page magazine sold via subscription only, it made most of its money from Turbo Technologies Inc., which always purchased four pages of advertising per issue.

The first issue is very similar in style to TurboPlay, with VG&CE-style news, reviews, and tips. With VG&CE’s closure in 1993, however, the magazine was turned over to the new staff of VideoGames and underwent an extensive redesign, with flashier art and a new review system that included four scores per game, EGM-style.

The resurrected magazine had little chance of lasting long, and the final issue (a mere 16 pages, five of which have nothing but full-page art) was released without much fanfare in late 1993.