Expert Gamer

Expert Gamer is a monthly magazine devoted to console games, with an emphasis on strategy guides and reader interaction. It is the immediate followup to EGM2, with mostly the same editorial staff.


By 1998, EGM2 had gone from a second edition of sorts for Electronic Gaming Monthly to a magazine heavily inspired by Tips & Tricks, filled with game strategies and hardcore coverage of Japan and arcade news. The mag was rechristened Expert Gamer to more accurately portray this change in editorial style.

It eventually became a more-or-less clone of Tips & Tricks, with its pages mostly filled with strategies and no reviews or “serious” features to be found (although many issues have humorous game-related features).

In 2001, the magazine had another large-scale redesign (along with a renaming to GameNOW) to reposition it for the GamePro audience. The Expert Gamer name would live in in the form of the Expert Codebook, a seasonal collection of tricks and strategies. It would be renamed EGM Codebook by 2003.