Game Developer

Game Developer is the only regularly-published magazine in the US devoted to game programming and development.

The magazine is available free to qualified game professionals, and paid paper subscriptions and a paid digital edition are also available. Individual issues can be bought at some newsstands and at its companion website, Gamasutra.

The magazine contains articles on professional game development topics relating to programming, art, audio, quality control, design, and production. Monthly columns from industry veterans offer in-depth discussion on a variety of topics; it has articles by notable game industry figures and reviews on game development related books, tools, and software packages. The final page of Game Developer magazine is occupied by “Thousand Words,” which highlights game art as a progression from concept art to final in-game renders. (The back page used to house the Soapbox guest-editorial column, but this has since moved online to Gamasutra.)

Game Developer’s most popular feature is its monthly “Postmortem” column, which discusses the recent development of a computer or video game and notes the top five each of “What Went Right” and “What Went Wrong”. It provides a frank, first-hand account of the lessons learned in the development process. The first Postmortem (on PC game Dark Sun Online) was written by Andre Vrignaud in the October 1997 issue.

Game Developer has been recognizing exceptional game development tools with their “Front Line Awards” annually since 1998. Past winners include software (such as Photoshop and VTune), game engines (Unreal engine), hardware (GeForce 3), and books (Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice).

Gamasutra, the sister publication web site of Game Developer, acts as an online resource for game developers, as well as a job posting board for employment in the game development field.


Game Developer’s audited circulation for the six-month period ending June 2005 was 34,358. Instead of ABC, it is audited by Business Publication Auditing, an outfit that specializes in business-to-business magazines.