Atari Age Issue 2 (Jul-Aug 1982)

Inside Your Atari VCSAtari Age Issue 2 Cover


  • Haven’t you always wanted to open up your Atari Video Computer System console and see what goes on inside? Don’t do it – there are delicate electronic parts inside! Instead, let us take you inside your VCS, in this guided tour through the hardware at the heart of Atari’s electronic magic.

Atari International


  • Atari Excitement Spreads From the Frozen Alps to Heated Middle East Competition
  • Kuwait Couldn’t Wait For Dodge’Em Championships

Atari News

  • “Atari Force” Arrives – Bonus Color DC Comics Included With Game Cartridges

Sneak Peeks

Home Video Games

  • More new video games addes to ’82 schedule
  • Big news for electronic athletes

Coin Video Games

  • You’ll dig Dig Dug

EPROM Report

  • Math Grand Prix
  • Demons To Diamonds
  • Berzerk

Have you played Warlords today?

  • Skillbuilders – Tips to conquer Warlords
  • Special offer on paddles


  • Solve the puzzle of this Sherlock Holmes mystery and it could be worth $20 million to the successful codebreaker.

Cartridge Checklist

  • Check off the games you have

Seashore Puzzle Game

  • The seaside has been invaded by characters & objects from 23 different Atari games – how many of them can you identify?


  • Demons to Diamonds
  • Math Grand Prix
  • Berzerk

the Clubouse Store

  • Timex watch with Atari logo
  • 24K gold electroplate jewelry
  • Pierced Earings
  • Super Sports Wallet
  • Headbands & Wistbands
  • 3 Button knit Polo shirt
  • Bumper stickers
  • Kites
  • Asteroids & Missile Command T-shirts
  • Pac-Man TV tray
  • Atari Thermal Mug
  • Atari – Pac-Man – Berzerk keychains
  • Atari Frisbee
  • Atari Game Center
  • Atari Age Poster
  • Atari Ace Beach towel
  • Atari Duffel bag
  • Atari back pack
  • Atari Racing Jackets
  • Atari Sports caps


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