Blip Issue 1 (February 1983)

Video Games of the StarsBlip Issue 1 Cover

  • The stars are from TV. The games are the ones all of us play. Features Matthew Laborteaux, Grant Cramer, Randall Brooks, David Wallace and Bruce Boxieitner.

Blip Tips 1

  • Get the upper hand on Missile Command.

Blip Tips 2

  • Drawing a bead on Centipede.

Hall of Fame

  • Meet the man who keeps track of the champion arcade scores.


  • Cartridge owners keep in touch through the mail.

Video Jokes

  • Comic relief from the grueling battle of beating the computer.

Player’s Choice

  • The latest word on hardware, cartridges and arcade games. Features Pitfall, Arcadia-2001, Dig Dug,

News Blips

  • Video games and computers in the news.

Game Design

  • See your video game invention in a future issue of Blip!

Donkey Kong

  • An exclusive BLIP comic about the gorilla, the carpenter and the girl.

Blip Survey

  • Answer our questions, and get a shot at a valuable prize.


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