Sega Visions Issue 2 (Oct-Nov 1990)

Systems CoveredSega Visions Issue 2 Cover

  •     Master System
  •     Genesis
  •     Mega Drive CD-ROM (Rumored)

The High Point

  •     Some readers earn the title “Hot Shot” and a T-Shirt

Strider: The Power Hits Home

  •     The most powerful home video game ever.

The Game Doctor

  •     Back with more of that clear-eyed insight and plain old know-how, the doctor tells it straight.

Game Reviews: Genesis

  •     Afterburner II
  •     Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker
  •     Pat Riley Basketball
  •     Ghostbusters


  •     Herzog Zwei

Party Line

  •     What companies, besides Sega, make games for Genesis?

Visions & Views in the News

  •     News for video gamers from the world of Sega


  • Niles Nemo

   Niles visits Columns

Game Reviews: Master System

  •     Aerial Assult
  •     Columns
  •     E-Swat


  •     Alex Kidd in Shinobi World

Coming Attractions

  •     Sword of Vermilion
  •     Paperboy
  •     James “Buster” Douglas Boxing

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