Atari To Unleash Jaguar CD and Jaguar III

Atari To Unlease New Jaguar CDAtari is about to throw kitty litter in the faces of their critics. They have some new and innovative plans for the Jaguar. Whether or not they will be able to pull it off with the Sony PlayStation and the Sega Saturn (both about to splash onto the gaming scene) is anyone‘s guess.

But one thing is for sure. they’re trying very hard. A recent trip to their California offices showed the EGM editors some impressive titles and a few of their new technological advancements that they are working on behind closed doors.

With rhetoric flying on all sides of the gaming spectrum, here are the facts: The Jaguar 2 is being readied by Atari and will boast a double-speed CD-ROM drive. Another version with the Jaguar combined with a CD (and some other hidden options that Atari isn’t talking about yet) is also being planned. The unit, rumored to be ready for release this fall for around $350, is being called the Jaguar III (working title).

“We’re going to keep the Jaguar III as our ace in the hole. We’re not in a big hurry to release it. but we’re very confident that it will rival any of our competitors’ next-generation systems.” said J. Patton, director of third-party licensing and contracts at Atari.

Then there‘s the Jaguar CD that was scheduled to be released in April or May. They may push that date back until a few more games are ready. The Jaguar CD will cost $149 and will come without a game. A game would add an additional $50 to the cost of the CD unit. Market tests suggest that gamers want Atari to keep costs down and would rather purchase their own game than have one thrust upon them as a pack-in.

Atari also plans on releasing a voice data communication modem developed in cooperation with Phylon Communications. The Jaguar Voice Data Communications modem will come with a stereo headset and will enable players to talk to each other while competing at their favorite games. The unit will automatically pause to allow players to receive incoming calls.


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