Sega Visions Issue 3 (Winter 1990-91)

Systems CoveredSega Visions Issue 3 Cover

  •     Master System
  •     Genesis
  •     32X (Rumored)


  •     Letters from Sega gamers

The Game Doctor

  •     The Doctor tells it straight as always

Joe Montana Scores The Big One for Sega

  •     Read how the king of the off-balance throws brings his finesse to the Sega Team

Game Reviews: Genesis

  •     Mickey Mouse in The Castle of Illusion
  •     Dick Tracy
  •     Cyberball
  •     Strider
  •     James “Buster” Douglas Knockout Boxing
  •     Thunderforce III
  •     Shadow Dancer


  •     Sword of Vermilion

Party Line

  •     The Party Line is buzzin’ with the latest news on hot new game companies that get approval from Sega

Visions & Views in the News

  •     Sega breaks new technological ground with the incredible R-360

The High Point

  •     Hot shot gamers stake their claim to fame

Game Reviews: Master System

  •     Paper Boy
  •     Joe Montana


  •     Pat Riley Basketball


  • Niles Nemo

    Niles visits Golden Axe

Coming Attractions

  •     688 Attack Sub
  •     Fatal Labyrinth
  •     Abrams Battle Tank


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