Sega Visions Issue 4 (Apr-May 1991)

Systems CoveredSega Visions Issue 4 Cover

  •     Master System
  •     Genesis
  •     Game Gear
  •     Sega CD


  •     3 Cheers for hint books plus a proposal for a rating system.

Game Reviews: Genesis

  •     Midnight Resistance
  •     Sonic The Hedgehog
  •     Simulator Series
  •     Joe Montana Football
  •     Rastan Saga II
  •     Fatal Labyrinth

Game Gear

  •     It’s here! And it’s going to blow you away when you see it in action!

Game Reviews: Game Gear

  •     Psychic World
  •     G-LOC

Party Line

  •     Keep up with what’s hot on the horizon in the fast-growing universe of outstanding new games designed for Sega.

Game Reviews: Master System

  •     Ghouls ‘n Ghosts

Sega Challenge

  •     OK readers: time to tackle a different sort of Sega challenge!

Game Doctor

  •     Like a seasoned baseball pro, the Game Doctor fields all the questions readers throw at him.


  • Niles Nemo

    Niles Nemo in The Castle of Illusion

Visions & Views in the News

  •     In V&V this issue you’ll meet the people who are there for you when you “hit the wall on a game.

Coming Attractions

  •     Spider-Man (Gen)
  •     Shinobi (GG)
  •     Phantasy Star III (Gen)

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